A journey into the wonders of our Territory and in the middle of Tuscany


A journey into the wonders of our Territory and in the middle of Tuscany

A journey into the wonders of our Territory and in the middle of Tuscany

Middle Tuscany Lands Association has created this little manual to let the tourist, housed in the associated facilities, most independent as possible during its staying in our territory. 
This guide is divided into 6 parts: 

  1. A first section with all shops of our area and not only including the food's ones, with indications of opening hours and closing days.
  2. A second section with references to restaurants and pizzerias.
  3. A third section with historical details for each village, that are part of "municipal area of Bucine” and also with indications how easily reach the ones near at the Arno Valley and what to see.
  4. A fourth section where all the high fashion outlets (closed to our area) are reported.
  5. A fifth section comprising some routes to be done by bike or mountain bike.
  6. A last section comprising trekking tours with courier.

The last pages are dedicated to all the festivities and events that will be held in the year 2017 in our area and around.

Also Middle Tuscany Lands Association is available to book tickets and / or guided tours to make more confortable the holiday guests in the places described here. 

Just call:

  • President of the Association, Mr. Guido Guidi at number 335 249514
  • Vice President, Dr. Leonardo Fuccini at the number 333 7143433
  • Association Secretary, Dr. Fabrizio Torrini at number 347 9042794
  • Dr. Rossella Bacchiocchi (Public Relations) at number 392 4378362
  • send an email to info@middletuscany.holiday

and you will have the chance to avoid queues without wasting time.


Sure to make you something pleasant, We wish you a memorable stay at our facilities and our territory.


It should be noted that where there is the "Middle Tuscany Lands Association" logo is to specify that is an associate member and thus a guarantee of quality and friendliness. Photos of Volterra, Siena, Florence, Lucca, Pisa and  Bagno Vignoni are of exclusive property of Roberto Bacchiocchi and copy or partial reproduction is prohibited. More photos are the exclusive property of the Association and for other we took advantage of GoogleMap, if someone were to claim the property please contact us at info@middletuscany.holiday.

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