Guide to Trekking Tours with courier


Guide to Trekking Tours with courier

Valdambra: the Tower of Galatrona. Walking time 4 hours.

An easy walk through the woods and long rows of vines, between art and history, to enjoy a huge and beautiful landscape, from Valdambra to Pratomagno.

Valdambra: the castle of Cennina. Walking time 5 hours.

A fascinating place, a timeless place, an icon of this valley known and inhabited since ancient times. A hike in the nature and history of this land.

Valdambra: Badia a Ruoti and Rapale. Walking time 4 hours.

Froma rich and powerful abbey to an ancient castle that watched over the valley. An easy walk accompanied by stories of monks and soldiers, from the silence of the forest and vast landscapes.

Valdambra: Badia Agnano. Walking  time 5 hours.

A walk on the ancient streets that passed through this valley, from the times of the Roman Empire to the transhumance and to the pilgrimage routes.

Chianti: Montefioralle and Passignano. Walking time 5 hours.

From a medieval castle to a Vallombrosian Abbey, a path between two symbolic places to learn about the beauty and the peculiarities of the Florentine Chianti.

Chianti: The Castle of Brolio. Walking time 5 hours.

This beautiful route that runs around a true icon of the Chianti landscape, with vineyards as far as the eye can see, huge live oaks, imposing walls, churches and old houses. Many images that will never forget.

Chianti: Gaiole area. Walking time: 3 hours.

From the square of a medieval market to the discover of beautiful Renaissance villas and to an ancient castle in a stunning natural beauty and breathtaking views environment.

Pratomagno: along the Ciuffenna. Walking time 4 hours.

From a castle to another, from Poggio di Loro to Rocca Ricciarda, on the slopes of Pratomagno, walking along the banks of a creek that has always fascinated travelers and artists.

Pratomagno: the Vallombrosa forest. Walking time 4 hours.

A route loop that starts and returns to an ancient and powerful abbey from thousand years protected by a beautiful fir-wood. A hike in spirituality and incomparable beauty of the vallombrosana forest.

Valdarno: The cliffs of Castelfranco di Sopra. Walking time 3 hours.

An easy walk to go back to ancient times where the Valdarno was a lake. Discovering those rock formations that fascinated Leonardo da Vinci.

Crete Senesi. Walking time 5 hours.

A land of many gentle hills of a rare and unique beauty. It will be like walking on a painter's palette with colors that change with the changing seasons.

The hills of Chianti: The nature trail of Poggio Citerna. Walking time 2 hours.

A short walk to get on a hill overlooking the small village of Poggio alla Croce. A natural terrace overlooking the Florentine plain and the Arno Valley between history, nature and ancient traditions.

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