Guide to: Firenze


Guide to: Firenze

The outskirts of Florence is about 1 hour drive away but probably there will be some problems of parking and it's quite important using the public services to reach the center. Alternatively it’s possible to reach Florence by train. There are two alternatives: From Montevarchi station (13 km, 17 minutes from Bucine), which has the fastest and more frequent racing; or from Bucine Station, where, however, the selection of the trains is a bit smaller.

Florence is really one of the most beautiful cities of Italy. Its story starts from the pre Etruscan but it’s in the Middle Ages (thanks to the "Famiglia dei Medici") that Florence became the Renaissance home of the entire globe. There are many monuments to see, such as: the "Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore" (whose construction began in 1296 to end in 1436), the "Palazzo Vecchio" (XV century), the "Piazzale Michelangelo" or "Giardini di Boboli" and so much more.

NB: Every first Sunday of each month, all the museums managed by the state in Italy are free of charge. This means that there will be a high possibility of finding large queues to visit museums such as Gli Uffizi or the Accademia in Florence.

On the web site (055 294883).  it’s possible to book the ticket to visit the most famous Museum of the city the "Galleria degli Uffizi. First Sunday of every months the entrance is free but it’s not possible to book in advance. There is also the opportunity to get a single ticket to visit all the monuments and museums in one day and without waiting at € 72. For info please visit the web site 
We are at disposal for printing online tickets because the electronic one it’s not accept.

Taking the “autostrada del Sole” and exit to “Impruneta”,  going through Strada Statale Firenze / Siena it’s possible to go to “Bargino”. Going right for less then one km, on the left there is the entrance to the famous “Cantine Antinori”. The landscape is very suggestive and coming in the “Cantine” the sensation will be that to go inside a hill with on top endless fields of vineyards.

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