Chianti Classico: Cantina Felsina, San Gusmè and Borgo San Felice


Chianti Classico: Cantina Felsina, San Gusmè and Borgo San Felice

A visit to the “Chianti Classico” area is a must! Starting from Bucine and going toward Siena, at the "Colonna del Grillo" turn right to Castelnuovo Berardenga (25 km from the capital). 500 meters (approx) after Castelnuovo Berardenga there is the “Cantina Felsina”  that produce a great “Sangiovese”.

After 5 km from the “Cantina Felsina” there is San Gusmè a small medieval village known since 867. Of particular interest it is the “Pieve dei Santi Cosma e Damiano” also mentioned in 867 but rebuilt over the centuries so that the one that can be visited today is in a "Romanesque" style of the twentieth century.  In addition it’s possible to visit the “Chiesa della Compagnia della Santissima Annunziata” (late XIX century).

Luca Cava” (Tuscan wordplay that sound so: “He Shat”) was a statue built in 1888 and located near a water gutter to indicate that if someone was in need for an urgent bodily necessity could do it there so that then the water took it along the fields as fertilizer! From this is called a very important festival in early September that draws big names in Italian music and sees in it the “Premio Giornalistico Silvio Gigli”.

Keeping on the road for 4 km and reach “Borgo San Felice”. Today Hotel Resort 5 Star, refurbished and really cleaned up extremely well and in which the atmosphere is exceptionally medieval, also open for non-residents in the facility.

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