Montevarchi - San Giovanni Valdarno - Balze di CastelFranco di Sopra and Oasi di Bandella


Montevarchi - San Giovanni Valdarno - Balze di CastelFranco di Sopra and Oasi di Bandella

Going towards Firenze, 12 km from Bucine, there is Montevarchi where it’s worth visiting the "Paleontological Museum", opened in 1829. Also worth seeing are: "Villa Masini" in which was shot the movie "La Vita è Bella” by the Academy Award winner Roberto Benigni, the "Palazzo del Podestà” (1273) and the "Chiesa di San Lorenzo" (XII century), where it is important to note that inside is the “Museo di Arte Sacra della Collegiata”, here it’s possible to admire majolica works by Della Robbia and his school. Also there is the Museum of Contemporary Art "Il Cassero" and "Galeffi Museum" from a private collection, as well as many small corners of history hidden in narrow streets of the center, as “house Magiotti” (famous scientist of 1600 and a native of Montevarchi).

Leaving Montevarchi, always towards of Florence, 9 km after there is San Giovanni Valdarno. The city that gave birth to the painter Masaccio of which can be visited the house "Casa Masaccio" just in the center of the town. In addition, among the various things to visit, it’s quite recommend "Palazzo Arnolfo" (1200), "Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie" (1484) and the "Chiesa di San Lorenzo" (early 1300). Veri Interesting are the museums of “Museo della Basilica” and “Museo di Terre Nuove”.

Going towards Florence, once reached San Giovanni Valdarno going to CastelFranco. There it’s possible to admire how nature, throught millennia has molded the rocks in a masterly way, giving to the place a very important fame to be named as  “Balze del Valdarno”.

A special mention goes to “Riserva Naturale dell’Inferno e Bandella”. A natural oasis where loosing track of time and history. The Visitor Center of Monticello (Municipality of Terranuova Bracciolini) is accessible by appointment. The trails of the Nature Reserve is freely walkable, while the equipped area of Castiglioncello is available for guided tours. In basin of “Valle dell’Inferno” is active a service of guided tours by a boat of the “Provincia di Arezzo”.  

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