Who We Are

Our History and Our Ideals

Middle Tuscany Lands Association was founded in Bucine (Arezzo) in May 2014 between economic operators of tourism, agriculture and all those fields related to these activities concerning the provinces of Arezzo, Siena and Florence.

The aim is to promote, implement and carry out initiatives for the development of economic activities in tourism, agriculture and related sectors, both in Bucine municipality and surrounding communities.

To contribute to the economic and social development of the territory, Middle Tuscany Lands has been developing a stable synergy between members, traders and local cultural and representative institutions. It promotes innovation and investments, establishment of new companies and employment increase; it is also engaged in improving the quality of the offer and promotion, implementing initiatives, events and projects that are instrumental for the development of tourism, culture, education and training, information, study and research.

Middle Tuscany Lands is committed to fulfilling all the initiatives aimed at protecting, enhancing and using the heritage, be it of artistic, cultural, historical, environmental, gastronomic and naturalistic nature, as well as performing any other direct action to achieve the purpose of the association.

Middle Tuscany Lands’s Board of Directors is composed of 5 to 7 members elected by the General Meeting for a term of three years.