Mentioned by the historian Repetti during the 19th century, the hamlet of Solata is located "on the ridge of the hills" between the rivers Ambra e Trigesimo. It is reachable through a path of the Italian Alpine Club, surrounded by a luxuriant and unspoilt wilderness. At over 500 metres of height, from Solata it is possible to enjoy astoninshing panoramas on the valley below, and more in the distance - on the Pratomagno range.

"On the edge of the hills" between the Ambra and Trigesimo creeks.
As such is described Solata in an early 19th century writing.
This very tiny hamlet is reachable through a walking pathway of the Italian Alpine Club, plunged into a luxuriant nature offering interesting panoramic views on the valley below.
A handful of houses around the tiny church, devoted to the Saints Jacopo and Cristofano, plus a 19th century villa, nowadays used for tourist accommodation purposes, form the community perched on the hill, a perfect observation point for those enjoying the view of the Valdambra at dawn.