Torre and Mercatale

According to a Florentine cadastre filed in 1427, the castle of Torre counted "21 small houses" within its walls, and 31 in the village. On the road that from Bucine goes downhill to Montevarchi, the village that arose around the castle's walls is cited since the 12th century, because there was held regularly a marked (hence the name). Overlooking the village, in a domineering position, stands the church devoted to St. Reparata.

Cited in a 1427 Florentine cadastre, in which its wines' quality was exalted, Torre – from the data inferred by the aforementioned register – is described as a castle that contained 21 small dwellings inside its walls, and 31 on the adjoining village.
Nowadays, the small town retains its original mediaeval shape. It developed beginning in the twelfth century around the castle and the church.
The community had been granted market rights, and thus the market that was held here gave the name to the small town (literally, Italian "mercatale" means "marketplace" or, alternatively "place where a market is held").