Levane is a small village split between the neighbouring communities of Bucine and Montevarchi, on the crossroads leading towards Florence. Its ancient core is represented by "Levane alta", that is the originary nucleus, once known as "Castel Leona". The area is famous for some geological findings - specifically geodes - that in the past gained the nickname "Breads of the Devil".

Levane is very lively community, built along an important road junction – the Strada Regia - which was used by messengers, coachmen and so dear to the foreign noble elites.
The settlement is administratively split between Bucine and Montevarchi, and is made up by an older part, the so-called “Levane alta” (once known as “Castel Leona”) which was the fortified borough, and by a more modern part, located right on the crossroads of main communication arteries.
Of particular note are the mineralogical findings that have been made in the area; already known in the 18th century, these strange geodes gained widespread popularity after the scholar Targioni Tozzetti related the nickname that the populace attributed them, that is “breads of the Devil”.