Community capital since 1776, cited in official documents since 11th century AD, it was surrounded by walls - as all the valley's borough were - still in 1646, when the Vitelli family was granted the title of "Marquesses of Bucine". Noteworthy are the "Palazzo Pretorio" nowadays the siege of the community administration, the castle and the two parish churches.

Bucine is the main town of the municipality and it has been featured in documents since the eleventh century.

Its castle, built during the Middle Ages, was still extant in 1646, when the Vitelli family was granted the title of Marquesses of Bucine.

An ancient representation of the castle of Bucine is clearly visible on the sepulchral monument of Bishop Guido Tarlati, in the Cathedral of Arezzo. One of the panels, in fact, represents the taking of the castle of Bucine by the prince-bishop of Arezzo.
Also important is the parish church, located not too far from the palace of the Marquesses Vitelli, which is situated in the highest part of the village.
Going down to the main square it is possible to spot the Palazzo Pretorio (now siege of the Town Council) and the First World War Memorial, portraying a winged Victory (by Pietro Guerri) unveiled in 1922.