A cosy village with a millennial history behind - of which the Roman bridge is the most illustrious witness. Already known in the 12th century, in a document of 1138 it is mentioned as having a mill, property of the Abbey of Agnano. It is worth noting that, in the small parish church, there's a 16th century painting, displaying the Virgin and Baby, St. Donatus - Bishop of Arezzo - and St. Lucy.

Pogi is a cosy village with much history behind. On the banks of Ambra creek, it features a 5-arch bridge – that some scholars speculate being of Roman origin – fording the stream.
The monks of the abbey of Agnano here had a mill in the 12th century, and in the documents of the era, it is clearly state the privilege bestowed upon the borough for grain milling.
Past the bridge, the small village appears as being gathered around two small squares, that once were the centre of the ancient castle, sheer on the creek's bank.
At just a short distance of what it was one of the castle's towers, there's the church devoted to St. Donatus.
With its single nave, it hosts a late 16th century painting of Florentine style, depicting the Virgin and Child, St. Donatus and St. Lucia.