At a very short distance from Rapale, there's Sogna, a very ancient fortified village that was eventually abandoned and then converted into a touristic centre in later years. Ambling through its narrow streets, it's possible to see that it still preserves some traces of its ancient ramparts, built by the Ubertinis for the defence of their fief. In the main square of the village, there's still the ancient chapel dedicated to St. Thomas.

Situated at the end of a dirt track around one kilometre away from Rapale, Sogna is a very ancient settlement now converted into a tourist centre.
A fortified borough during the Middle Ages, as of today it keeps only a handful of traces of its long and turbulent history, when it was a stronghold of the Ubertinis in the southern tip of Valdambra.
Completely destroyed in the 15th century, and abandoned in mid-20th century, in the village's centre there's still standing the small parish church of St. Thomas, and around the village there are – although only partially visible – the ruins of the old castle's ramparts.