A small town - the second in the community by population - Ambra soars over a hillock of modest elevation next to the state road leading to Siena. A fortified borough in its own right, as of today it maintains, of its original structure, only a few traces, specifically the neighbourhood dubbed "the Castle".

Clinging on a low hill, the ancient castle of Ambra stands along the old road that – heading south – leads to Siena. Its name reminds of the Etruscans, whilst the noble feudal lords Ubertini and Tarlati held the castle at intermittent times. Although only a few traces of the fortification remain, namely the narrow streets of the “castello”, it's impossible to miss the church's bell tower, arising high on the panorama. The bell tower was began in early 20th century in replacement of an older one, and after WW1, in 1918, was fitted with bells cast with the bronze of Austrian cannons. Once an industrial centre of some importance on a local level, especially for the production of silk, Ambra eventually knew a flourishing period of development when a tobacco manufacture was opened there, and the tobacco processing plant provided jobs to the local population until the beginning of the 21st century.