San Leolino

San Leolino (once property of the Guidis from Modigliana) is a pleasant Valdambra's hilltop village, located at 377 metres of height. It is surrounded by olive groves and vineyards and, as the crow flies, it is located halfway between the castle of Cennina and the tower of Galatron. The entire town is ringed by black cypresses drawing the characteristic round form of a medieval castle that San Leolino still retains.

A cosy little town built on top of a hill, at around 350 metres of height (around 1100 ft) San Leolino, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, is located ideally halfway between the castle of Cennina  and Galatrona Tower.
Framed by tall cypress trees, it keeps its round shaped structure, typical of a mediaeval fortified settlement.
Once in the fiefdom of the Guidi of Modigliana – in what is now Romagna – its fortifications are no longer extant, having been incorporated into houses' walls that have been built following the Florentine conquest.
Yet, within the village's boundaries, there's the parish church. Although it had been subject of many transformations and restorations until the 18th century, historians believe that the church was built in the 10th century. Inside the church, there are many Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces.
An elegant tabernacle of either 15th or 16th century adorns the main altar, while the rest of the church features a 16th century painting, featuring the Virgin with Child, St. Lawrence, Peter and Angels, together with two other paintings – an Annunciation and a St. Francis – in Baroque style. On the left altar, there is  another painting – the Madonna of the Rosary and Saints – attributed to Santi Castellucci and that was painted in 1671, while on the opposite side there is an interesting 16th century baptismal font built in decorated alabaster.
The village also hosts a small but well-kept Museum of Sacred Art, in which are housed for display vestments and liturgical ornaments from the 14th century onwards, together with a library and an archive.